Within a few minutes, you’ll be ready to dynamically change your team coding guidelines and see that embedded in every developer’s keystrokes.

If you wish to run the service on your own, check our self-hosting section.

Curating team expectations

Initial setup



Head over to app.quackai.com, click on “Login with GitHub” and follow the instructions. Once signed up, you’ll be brought back to the platform.


Repo selection

Select one repo from the dropdown list (the public GitHub repositories on which you have maintainer access). Click on “Connect Repo”


Extracting guidelines automatically

No guideline has been created yet, let’s extract some from your repository by clicking on “Parse Repo”.

Editing & validating guidelines


Discarding guidelines (optional)

Discard the elements you don’t want to include as your team’s coding guidelines.


Edit your guidelines

Click on any of the remaining guidelines. Edit the instruction so that it’s specific & clear enough to be one of the checkboxes you’d like to see completed before a pull request.


Avoiding ambiguity

Click on “Generate Examples” to check how the system interprets it, adjust the text if necessary.


Saving your work

Click on “Save” to confirm it.

Try them out in your IDE

Install the extension

Go to Visual Studio Marketplace, Open VSX registry, or look for “Quack companion” in VSCode extension tab. Install it, and follow the quick walkthrough to authenticate.

Start coding

Open the folder corresponding to the repository for which you’ve edited guidelines. And start coding!